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The Anatomy Of The Body Of God (Esotheric)     Frater Achat     The Anatomy Of The Body Of God (Esotheric)


Twenty Years At Hull House     Jane Addams     Twenty Years At Hull House


Aesop's Fables I     Aesop     Aesop's Fables I
Aesop's Fables II           Aesop's Fables II


Flower Fables     Louisa May Alcott     Flower Fables
Flower Fables           Little Women
Jo's Boys           Jo's Boys
Little Men           Little Men


The Woman Who Did     Grant Allen     The Woman Who Did


A Happy Solution     Raymund Allen     A Happy Solution


Etheric Visiom     Anonymous     Etheric Visiom (Esotheric)
Kamasutra           Kamasutra (Erotic)
Madeleine           Madeleine (Erotic)
Mahanirvana Tantra           Mahanirvana Tantra (Erotic)
Roswell Testimony           Roswell Testimony (Esottheric)
The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.1           The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.1
The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.2           The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.2
The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.3           The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.3
The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.4           The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.4
The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.5           The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.5
The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.6           The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.6
The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.7           The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.7
The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.8           The Book Of The Thousand Nights Vol.8
The Emerald Tablet           The Emerald Tablet (Esothericic)
The Perfumed Garden           The Perfumed Garden (Esotheric)


Orlando Furioso     Ludovico Ariosto     Orlando Furioso


Gulliver Of Mars     Edwin L. Arnold     Gulliver Of Mars


Isabella von Ägypten     Achim von Arnim     Isabella von Ägypten


Rezanov     Gertrude Atherton     Rezanov
Death And The Woman           Death And The Woman
The Bell In The Fog           The Bell In The Fog
The Dead And The Countess           The Dead And The Countess
The Greatest Good           The Greatest Good
The Sacrificial Altar           The Sacrificial Altar
The Striding Place           The Striding Place


Emma     Jane Austen     Emma
Lady Susan           Lady Susan
Love and Friendship           Love and Friendship
Mansfield Park           Mansfield Park
Northanger Abbey           Northanger Abbey
Persuation           Persuasion
Pride and Prejudice           Pride and Prejudice
Sense and Sensibility           Sense and Sensibility


An Affair Of Honor     F. Britten Austin     An Affair Of Honor

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The Lost City     Joseph E. Badger     The Lost City


Flametti     Hugo Ball     Flametti


A Distinguished Provincial At Paris     Honore de Balzac     A Distinguished Provincial At Paris
A Passion In The Desert     Honore de Balzac     A Passion In The Desert
A Second Home     Honore de Balzac     A Second Home
A d i e u     Honore de Balzac     A d i e u
A Daugther Of Eve     Honore de Balzac     A Daugther Of Eve
A Drama On The Seashore     Honore de Balzac     A Drama On The Seashore
A Grande Breteche     Honore de Balzac     A Grande Breteche
A Man Of Business     Honore de Balzac     A Man Of Business
A Prince Of Bohemia     Honore de Balzac     A Prince Of Bohemia
An Episode Under The Terror     Honore de Balzac     An Episode Under The Terror
An Historical Mystery     Honore de Balzac     An Historical Mystery
An Old Maid     Honore de Balzac     An Old Maid
Another Study of Woman     Honore de Balzac     Another Study of Woman
Bureaucracy     Honore de Balzac     Bureaucracy
Cousin Betty     Honore de Balzac     Cousin Betty
Cousin Pons     Honore de Balzac     Cousin Pons
Domestic Peace     Honore de Balzac     Domestic Peace
Eve And David     Honore de Balzac     Eve And David
Facino Cane     Honore de Balzac     Facino Cane
Father Goriot     Honore de Balzac     Father Goriot
Gobseck     Honore de Balzac     Gobseck
Honorine     Honore de Balzac     Honorine
Juana     Honore de Balzac     Juana
La Grenadiere     Honore de Balzac     La Grenadiere
Madame Firmiani     Honore de Balzac     Madame Firmiani
Massimilla Doni     Honore de Balzac     Massimilla Doni
Melmoth Reconcilied     Honore de Balzac     Melmoth Reconcilied
Modeste Mignon     Honore de Balzac     Modeste Mignon
Paz     Honore de Balzac     Paz
Pierre Grassou     Honore de Balzac     Pierre Grassou
Sarrasine     Honore de Balzac     Sarrasine
Scenes From A Courtesan's Life     Honore de Balzac     Scenes From A Courtesan's Life
Seraphita     Honore de Balzac     Seraphita
The Alkahest     Honore de Balzac     The Alkahest
The Atheist's Mass     Honore de Balzac     The Atheist's Mass
The Ball At Sceaux     Honore de Balzac     The Ball At Sceaux
The Collection Of Antiquities     Honore de Balzac     The Collection Of Antiquities
The Commission In Lunacy     Honore de Balzac     The Commission In Lunacy
The Deputy Of Arcis     Honore de Balzac     The Deputy Of Arcis
The Deserted Woman     Honore de Balzac     The Deserted Woman
The Elixir Of Life     Honore de Balzac     The Elixir Of Life
The Firm Of Nucingen     Honore de Balzac     The Firm Of Nucingen
The Girl With The Golden Eyes     Honore de Balzac     The Girl With The Golden Eyes
The Hated Son     Honore de Balzac     The Hated Son
The Hidden Masterpiece     Honore de Balzac     The Hidden Masterpiece
The Illustrious Gaudissart     Honore de Balzac     The Illustrious Gaudissart
The Lesser Burgeois Of Paris     Honore de Balzac     The Lesser Burgeois Of Paris
The Magic Skin     Honore de Balzac     The Magic Skin
The Marriage Contract     Honore de Balzac     The Marriage Contract
The Message     Honore de Balzac     The Message
The Purse     Honore de Balzac     The Purse
The Recruit     Honore de Balzac     The Recruit
The Red Inn     Honore de Balzac     The Red Inn
The Secret Of The Princesse De Cadegnan     Honore de Balzac     The Secret Of The Princesse De Cadegnan
The Two Brothers     Honore de Balzac     The Two Brothers
Two Poets     Honore de Balzac     Two Poets
Unconscious Comedians     Honore de Balzac     Unconscious Comedians
Ursula     Honore de Balzac     Ursula


Remember the Alamo     Amelia E. Barr     Remember the Alamo
The Man Between           The Man Between


Peter Pan     James Matthew Barrie     Peter Pan
The Little White Bird           The Little White Bird


Les fleurs du mal     Charles Baudelaire     Les fleurs du mal
The Poem Of Hashish           The Poem Of Hashish (Esotheric)


A Kidnapped Santa Claus     Frank Baum     A Kidnapped Santa Claus
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus           The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
Dorothy And The Wizard Of Oz           Dorothy And The Wizard Of Oz
The Tin Woodman Of Oz           The Tin Woodman Of Oz
The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz           The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz


Dreams, Waking Thoughts     William Beckford     Dreams, Waking Thoughts (Esotheric)


At Abdul Ali's Grave     E.F. Benson     At Abdul Ali's Grave
Gavon's Eve           Gavon's Eve
How Fear Departed           How Fear Departed
Mr. Tilly's Seance           Mr. Tilly's Seance
Negotium Perambulans           Negotium Perambulans
Out Of The Sea           Out Of The Sea
Queen Lucia           Queen Lucia
The Bus Conductor           The Bus Conductor
The Cat           The Cat
The Dust Cloud           The Dust Cloud
The Gardener           The Gardener
The Horror Horn           The Horror Horn
The House With The Brick Kiln           The House With The Brick Kiln
The Other Bed           The Other Bed
The Room In The Tower           The Room In The Tower
The Terror By Night           The Terror By Night


The Necromancers     Robert Hugh Benson     The Necromancers


Nightmare Tales     H. P. Blavatsky     Nightmare Tales (Esotheric)


Decameron I     Giovanni Boccaccio     Decameron I
Decameron II           Decameron II


Aurora Floyd     M.E. Braddon     Aurora Floyd (Erotic)
Lady Audley's Secret           Lady Audley's Secret


Aus der Chronik eines fahrenden Schülers     Clemens von Brentano     Aus der Chronik eines fahrenden Schülers
Die Drei Nüsse           Die Drei Nüsse
Die mehreren Wehmüller und ungarische Nationalgesichter           Die mehreren Wehmüller und ungarische Nationalgesichter
Geschichte vom braven Kasperl und dem schönen Annerl           Geschichte vom braven Kasperl und dem schönen Annerl
Gockel, Hinkel und Gackeleia           Gockel, Hinkel und Gackeleia


Jane Eyre     Charlotte Bronte     Jane Eyre


Wuthering Heights     Emily Bronte     Wuthering Heights


The True Story Of Christopher Columbus     Elbridge S. Brooks     The True Story Of Christopher Columbus


Arthur Mervyn     Charles Brockden Brown     Arthur Mervyn
Clara Howard           Clara Howard
Death Of Cicero           Death Of Cicero
Wieland           Wieland


The Adventures Of Reddy Fox     Thornton Waldo Burgess     The Adventures Of Reddy Fox


A Lady of Quality     Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett     A Lady of Quality
A Little Princess           A Little princess
Little Lord Fauntleroy           Little Lord Fauntleroy
Tembarom           Tembarom
The Lost Prince           The Lost Prince
The Secret Garden           The Secret Garden
The Shuttle           The Shuttle
The White People           The White People


Narratives Of The Witchcraft     George Lincoln Burr     Narratives Of The Witchcraft (Esotheric)


Pigs is Pigs     Ellis Parker Butler     Pigs is Pigs

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Alexander's Bridge     Willa Sibert Cather     Alexander's Bridge
My Antonia           My Antonia
The Song Of The Lark           The Song Of The Lark


At Midnight     Ada Cambridge     At Midnight


Don Quijote Espagnol     Miguel De Cervantes     Don Quijote Espagnol
Don Quijote Espagnol/Italiano           Don Quijote Espagnol/Italiano
Don Quijote Espagnol/English           Don Quijote Espagnol/English


Peter Schlehmils wundersame Geschichte     Adelbert von Chamisso     Peter Schlehmils wundersame Geschichte


Cri Du Coeur     M. Kenyon Charboneaux     Cri Du Coeur


The Man Who Knew Too Much     Gilbert K. Chesterton     The Man Who Knew Too Much


Awakening And Short Stories     Kate Chopin     Awakening And Short Stories
The Storm           The Storm


The Misterious Affair at Styles     Agatha Christie     The Misterious Affair At Styles
The Moving Finger           The Moving Finger
The Secret Adversary           The Secret Adversary


Fanny Hill     John Cleland     Fanny Hill (Erotic)


A Rogue's Life     William Wilkie Collins     A Rogue's Life
After Dark           After Dark
Antonina           Antonina
Armadale           Armadale
I Say No           I Say No
Jezebel's Daughter           Jezebel's Daughter
Man And Wife           Man And Wife
Miss Or Mrs. ?           Miss Or Mrs. ?
My Lady's Money           My Lady's Money
No Name           No Name
The Black Robe           The Black Robe
The Evil Genius           The Evil Genius
The Frozen Deep           The Frozen Deep
The Haunted Hotel           The Haunted Hotel
The Law And The Lady           The Law And The Lady
The Moonstone           The Moonstone
The New Magdalen           The New Magdalen
The Queen Of Hearts           The Queen Of Hearts
The Woman in White           The Woman in White


Pinocchio     Carlo Collodi     Pinocchio


A Personal Record     Joseph Conrad     A Personal Record
Almayr's Folly           Almayr's Folly
An Outcast Of The Slands           An Outcast Of The Islands
Chance - A Tale In Two Parts           Chance - A Tale In Two Parts
F a l k           F a l k
Heart Of Darkness           Heart Of Darkness
Notes On Lief And Letters           Notes On Life And Letters
Some Reminiscences           Some Reminiscences
Tales Of Unrest           Tales Of Unrest
The End Of The Tether           The End Of The Tether
The Secret Agent           The Secret Agent
To-Morrow           To-Morrow
Twixt Land And Sea Tales           Twixt Land And Sea Tales
Typhoon           Typhoon
Within The Tydes           Within The Tydes
Youth           Youth


For The Blood Is The Life     F. Marion Crawford     For The Blood Is The Life
Greifenstein           Greifenstein
Man Overboard !           Man Overboard !
Sant'Ilario           Sant'Ilario
The Upper Berth           The Upper Berth


The Little Lame Prince     Maria Dinah Craik     The Little Lame Prince
The Blue Fairy Book           The Blue Fairy Book

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Divina Commedia Inferno     Dante Alighieri     Divina Commedia Inferno
Divina Commedia Purgatorio           Divina Commedia Purgatorio
Divina Commedia Paradiso           Divina Commedia Paradiso


On the Origin of the Species     Charles Darwin     On the Origin of the Species
The Expression of Emotion in Man           The Expression of Emotion in Man
The Movements And Habits Of Climbing Plants           The Movements And Habits Of Climbing Plants
The Variation Of Animals And Plants Under Domestication I           The Variation Of Animals And Plants Under Domestication I
The Variation Of Animals And Plants Under Domestication II           The Variation Of Animals And Plants Under Domestication II
The Voyage of the Beagle           The Voyage of the Beagle


Tartarin of Tarascona     Alphonse Daudet     Tartarin of Tarascona


A Daughter Of Lilith     Kate Buffington Davis     A Daughter Of Lilith (Esotheric)


At La Glorieuse     M. E. M. Davis     At La Glorieuse


A Tragedy Of South Carolina     Sarah Morgan Dawson     A Tragedy Of South Carolina


Moll Flanders     Daniel Defoe     Moll Flanders
Robinson Crusoe           Robinson Crusoe


Patrizia's EBook-Pot     Fulvia Patrizia Demaria-Broghammer     Patrizia's EBook-Pot
The Holy Bible           The Holy Bible


On Murder     Thomas De Quincey     On Murder


A Message from the Sea     Charles Dickens     A Message from the Sea
A Tale of two Cities           A Tale of two Cities
Barnaby Rudge           Barnaby Rudge
Bleak House           Bleak House
David Copperfield           David Copperfield
Great Expectations           Great Expectations
Little Dorrit           Little Dorrit
Oliver Twist           Oliver Twist
The Battle of Life           The Battle of Life
The Long Voyage           The Long Voyage
The Old Curiosity Shop           The Old Curiosity Shop
The Pickwick Papers           The Pickwick Papers
The Uncommercial Traveller           The Uncommercial Traveller
Three Ghost Stories           Three Ghost Stories


Poems I     Emily Dickinson     Poems I
Poems II           Poems II


The Foolish Virgin     Thomas Dixon     The Foolish Virgin


The Silver Skates     Mary Mapes Dodge     The Silver Skates


Atlantis     Ignatius Donnelly     Atlantis (Esotheric)
Ragnarok           Ragnarok (Esotheric)


A Study in Scarlet     Arthur Conan Doyle     A Study in Scarlet
Beyond the City           Beyond the City
Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes           Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Round the Red Lamp           Round the Red Lamp
Sir Nigel           Sir Nigel
Tales of Terror and Mistery           Tales of Terror and Mistery
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes           The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Disappearance Of Lady Frances Carfax           The Disappearance Of Lady Frances Carfax
The Mistery Of Sasassa Valley           The Mistery Of Sasassa Valley
The New Revelation           The New Revelation
The Parasite           The Parasite
The Poison Belt           The Poison Belt
The Return of Sherlock Holmes           The Return of Sherlock Holmes
The Sign Of The Four           The Sign Of The Four
The Valley Of Fear           The Valley Of Fear
The Vital Message           The Vital Message
The White Company           The White Company


Computer Underground     Suelette Dreyfus     Computer Underground


Die Judenbuche     Annette von Droste Hülshoff     Die Judenbuche


Ali Pacha     Alexander Dumas     Ali Pacha
Derues           Derues
Joan Of Naples           Joan Of Naples
Karl Ludwig Sand           Karl Ludwig Sand
La Constantin           La Constantin
Marquise De Brinvilliers           Marquise De Brinvilliers
Marquise De Gange           Marquise De Gange
Martin Guerre           Martin Guerre
Mary Stuart           Mary Stuart
Murat           Murat
Nisida           Nisida
Ten Years Later           Ten Years Later
The Black Tulip           The Black Tulip
The Borgias           The Borgias
The Cenci           The Cenci
The Count Of Monte Christo           The Count Of Monte Christo
The Countess Of Saint Geran           The Countess Of Saint Geran
The Man In The Iron Mask           The Man In The Iron Mask
The Three Musketeers           The Three Musketeers
The Vicomte De Bragelonne           The Vicomte De Bragelonne
Twenty Years Later           Twenty Years Later
Urbain Grandier           Urbain Grandier
Vaninka           Vaninka

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Adam Bede     George Eliot     Adam Bede
Brother Jacob           Brother Jacob
Middlemarch           Middlemarch
Silas Marner           Silas Marner
The lifted Veil           The lifted Veil
The Ways of Men           The Ways of Men
Wordly Ways and Byways           Wordly Ways and Byways


The Story Of Atlantis     W. Scott Elliot     The Story Of Atlantis (Esotheric)


Lettera sulla felicitá     Epicuro     Lettera sulla felicitá

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The Life Of The Spider     J. Henri Fabre     The Life Of The Spider


The History Of Tom Jones     Henry Fielding     The History Of Tom Jones


From This World To The Next     Sarah Fielding     From This World To The Next
The Governess           The Governess
The Journal Of A Voyage To Lisbon           The Journal Of A Voyage To Lisbon


Flappers and Philosphers     F. Scott Fitzgerald     Flappers and Philosphers
This Side of Paradise           This Side of Paradise
The Great Gatsby           The Great Gatsby
The Ladybird           The Ladybird


Malombra     Antonio Fogazzaro     Malombra


The Book Of The Damned     Charles Hoy Fort     The Book Of The Damned (Esotheric)


My Lodger     Mary Fortune     My Lodger


A Mistery Of The Sand Hills     R. Austin Freeman     A Mistery Of The Sand Hills


A young girl's Diary     Sigmund Freud     A young girl's Diary
Aforismi e pensieri           Aforismi e pensieri
The Interpretation Of Dreams           The Interpretation Of Dreams

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