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Venus in Furs (Erotic)     Leopold von Sacher-Masoch     Venus in Furs (Erotic)


Alla conquista di un Impero     Emilio Salgari     Alla conquista di un Impero
I Misteri della Giungla Nera           I Misteri della Giungla Nera
Il figlio del Corsaro Rosso           Il figlio del Corsaro Rosso
Jolanda la figlia del Corsaro Nero           Jolanda la figlia del Corsaro Nero


The Book Of Mormons     Joseph Smith Jr.     The Book Of Mormons


Across The Plains     Louis Stevenson     Across The Plains
Catronia           Catronia
Memoir Of Fleeming Jenkin           Memoir Of Fleeming Jenkin
The Black Arrows           The Black Arrows
The Master Of Ballantrae           The Master Of Ballantrae
The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde           The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde


Dracula     Bram Stoker     Dracula
Lair Of The White Worm           Lair Of The White Worm
The Lady Of The Shroud           The Lady Of The Shroud
The Man           The Man


Malleus Maleficarum     Montague Summers     Malleus Maleficarum (Esotheric)

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A Little Dinner at Timmins's     William Makepeace Thackeray     A Little Dinner at Timmins's
Little Travels           Little Travels
The Book Of Snobs           The Book Of Snobs
The Fatal Boots           The Fatal Boots
The Fitz-Boodle Papers           The Fitz-Boodle Papers
The Paris Sketch Book           The Paris Sketch Book
The Rose and the Ring           The Rose and the Ring
The Wolves and the Lamb           The Wolves and the Lamb
The Yellowplush Papers           The Yellowplush Papers


Anna Karenina     Lev Tolstoj     Anna Karenina


Number Seventeen     Louis Tracy     Number Seventeen


The Corpus Hermetica     Hermes Trismestigustus     The Corpus Hermetica (Esotheric)


Hunting Sketches     Anthony Trollope     Hunting Sketches
The Warden           The Warden


A Horse's Tale     Mark Twain     A Horse's Tale
A Trump abroad           A Trump abroad
Extract from Captain Stormfield's visit           Extract from Captain Stormfield's visit
Huckleberry Finn           Huckleberry Finn
Life on the Mississippi           Life on the Mississippi
The 30'000 Bequest and Other Stories           The 30'000 Bequest and Other Stories
The Man that corrupted Hadleyburg           The Man that corrupted Hadleyburg
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer           The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson           The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson
Tom Sawyer abroad           Tom Sawyer abroad
Tom Sawyer Detective           Tom Sawyer Detective
What is Man ?           What is Man ?

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The Planet Mars And Its Inhabitants     Eros Urides     The Planet Mars And Its Inhabitants (Esotheric)

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Fisherman's Luck     Henry Van Dyke     Fisherman's Luck
Little Rivers           Little Rivers
The Blue Flower           The Blue Flower


Mary Louise     Edith Van Dyne     Mary Louise


Levelling With Elisha     Charles E. Van Loan     Levelling With Elisha

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Light Of Egypt     Henry O. Wagner     Light Of Egypt (Esotheric)


Blindfolded     Earle Ashley Walcott     Blindfolded


Bunner Sisters     Edith Wharton     Bunner Sisters
House of Mirth           House of Mirth
Roman Fever (Erotic)           Roman Fever (Erotic)
Summer           Summer
The Age of Innocence           The Age of Innocence
The Glimpses of the Moon           The Glimpses of the Moon
The Touchstone           The Touchstone


Sepher Yetzirah     W. Wynn Westcott     Sepher Yetzirah (Esotheric)


New Chronicles Of Rebecca     Kate Douglas Wiggin     New Chronicles Of Rebecca
Penelope's Irish Experiences           Penelope's Irish Experiences
Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm           Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm


The Picture of Dorian Gray     Oscar Wilde     The Picture of Dorian Gray
A Florentine Tragedy           A Florentine Tragedy
A House of Pomegranates           A House of Pomegranates
An Ideal Husband           An Ideal Husband
A Woman of no Importance           A Woman of no Importance
Intentions           Intentions
Lord Arthur Sevile's Crime           Lord Arthur Sevile's Crime
Stories           Stories
Tales           Tales
The Canterville Ghost           The Canterville Ghost
The Duchess of Padua           The Duchess of Padua
The Importance of being Earnest           The Importance of being Earnest
The Portrait of Mr. W. H.           The Portrait of Mr. W. H.
The Soul of Man           The Soul of Man


Monday Or Tuesday     Virginia Woolf     Monday Or Tuesday
Mrs. Dalloway           Mrs. Dalloway
Night And Day           Night And Day
Short Stories           Short Stories
The Room Of One's Own           The Room Of One's Own
The Voyage Out           The Voyage Out
Three Guineas           Three Guineas
To The Lighthouse           To The Lighthouse

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Rosa Alchemica     W. B. Yeats     Rosa Alchemica (Esotheric)

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