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By Author and Title
Iguanas In The Snow (English/Spanish) Francisco Alarcon
Divina Commedia Inferno Dante Alighieri
Divina Commedia Purgatorio Dante Alighieri
Divina Commedia Paradiso Dante Alighieri
Prietita And The Ghost Woman (English/Spanish) Gloria Anzaldua
Magic Dogs Of The Volcanoes (English/Spanish) Manlio Argueta
Don Quijote Espagnol/Italiano Miguel De Cervantes
Don Quijote Espagnol/English Miguel De Cervantes
Pinocchio Carlo Collodi
Die Leiden des jungen Werther Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The Upsidedown Boy (English/Spanish) Juan Felipe Herrera
Alice nel paese delle meraviglie Carrol Lewis
Through the Looking Glass Carrol Lewis

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